Residential and commercial construction services. Design, building, project management & supervision. 

 We like to work on the old bungalows and mid century moderns and hillside homes are our specialty.   

We provide general construction services for residential and commercial consumers. Interior exterior remodeling. Single family, multifamily, commercial. dry dull boring. Supervision and project management. Custom design build. New construction. yada yada. Custom kitchens and baths. Remodelling. Framing and structural repair and modification. We love fixing old houses.Founded on some idea or principle. We're not sure which. Whether your project is a simple design on the back of an envelope or you have a complete ready to go design provided by your own architect, engineer or designer. Providing design, engineering and blueprints for you as well as take care of permitting,plan check and the approvals process with the city.


General remodeling




Seismic retrofitting  

Structural renovation

Concrete work

Retaining walls


Finish carpentry, cabinets and millwork



Drywall, plaster and paint

Landscape and hardscape

Custom Everything!

Custom everything we do. Everything we do is custom. Wot u do? It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it.blahblahblahtalktalktalk. I'm a Los Angeles native and one of the few remaining white people stupid enough to still believe in hard work and sunburns. My name is Alexander Symcox. I wear many hats: I'm owner-in-chief and chief day laborer for the Alexander Building Co. I am bonded and carry a California General Contractor "B" License #980164. Look me up (and any contractor you're thinking of hiring!) on the CSLB 


Carpenter: probably the world's second oldest profession.