This Santa Monica bathroom got a much needed update. The design is sleek and contemporary while incorporating a traditional looking vanity cabinet. The sink is undermounted in the Snow White Caesarstone countertop. We used the same stone for for the tub deck, the shower curb and the shelves in the niche. The wall tile is large 24" x 12" gray variegated set in a running bond pattern. The floor tile is a similarly sized alabaster colored tile set in a straight bond pattern. A new Douglas Fir door matched to the style of the original doors in the house is simply spray vanished to show the grain and provide a touch of warmth. Above the sink there's a Sidler medicine cabinet with integral light and interior plug (so your toothbrush doesn't have to live on the counter). To further unclutter the backsplash and countertop, we put another outlet in one of the vanity drawers. The heated towel bar warmer on the wall also provides space heat. Dimmable recessed LED's provide lighting and there's a quiet panasonic fan. 

Below are some shots of the remodel in progress. 1990's remodel. Low cabinet. Basic tile. Dark shower enclosure.You can see the mud bed tile installation over lath. Hot mopped shower pan. etc etc